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Have You Had Your Fat Today?

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Omega – 3 Fat Supplementation lengthier DNA Telomeres & Reduces Inflammation

omega 3      A recent study published in the journal, Brain Behavior and Immunity, showed that by giving daily Omega – 3 fat supplementation to overweight, sedentary adults, they were able to increase the lengthening of their DNA telomeres (located at the ends of the chromosomes, which protect our genetic data, make it possible for cells to divide), and reduce blood markers for inflammation and free radical damage, compared to a group given placebos.

Telomere lengthening is important in the prevention of cancer, reversal of the aging process and possibly prevention of various degeneration diseases.

The finding suggests that by simply taking a supplement sufficient in Omega – 3 fat, 1250-2500mg daily, may simply reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and re-lengthen the telomeres.  This has important meaning in the prevention of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer disease, and may improve the management of a variety of inflammatory disorders (i.e. arthritis) and slow the aging process.

Many fats found in our diet now have disastrous effects on our health and basically promotes inflammation and degeneration in our bodies.  It is good to know that with the proper supplementation, we can stop deterioration and promote healing.

 Ref: Brain Behavior & Immunity 2012; 26(6) 988-995

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