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The EB-Pro Energy Balancer and Detoxifier Footbath is designed and developed to restore the body’s energy and balance while facilitating the body’s natural detoxification process. The EB-Pro uses‚ a state-of-the-art research and development to provide a form of energy that the body can readily use, which is transmitted into the body via a direct current ionic field, similar to heart generated energy. This helps reenergize the body’s cells, allowing the body to dump toxins and reestablish a proper pH level.


The copper array conducts direct current into the water and generates an ionic field that transfers into the body. The bubbles coming from the array indicate the ionic field is being created as the hydrogen and oxygen particles separate. Warm water allows feet to sweat, opening the pores and allowing a greater absorption rate through the skin. With this procedure, the body detoxifies through the skin, which is the second largest detoxifying system in the body after the lungs.


An energized and balanced body with proper cellular function will naturally be able to detoxify at a higher rate, thereby protecting itself from further toxins, pollutants, and viruses. The detoxifying footbath treatment reduces toxic buildup, ameliorates digestive issues, sensitivities to seasonal allergens, and aches and pains, is a proactive method for treating chronic illnesses, and helps speed recovery from acute illnesses.