Spinal Decompression

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Most back problems are due to damaged discs and poor spinal muscle control. For years, the only options for people suffering with back pain have been to just live with discomfort or have surgery, with no guarantee that their pain will be alleviated. And often times, surgery can make the situation worse.

Spinal decompression therapy is an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for persons suffering from chronic, debilitating low back and neck pain. While traction therapy has been around for thousands of years, decompression therapy is relatively new and has been successfully used in many thousands of cases in recent years. It is an excellent, pain-free alternative to surgery.


At the start of each therapy session, patients are given several positioning options to create comfort, since complete rehabilitation of the disc(s) and spine is completely contingent on the patient’s ability to relax. There are several stretch and relaxation cycles that gradually peak over a period of several minutes, decreasing pressure on the disc. This results in increased blood flow and fluid exchange, which is vital for the disc(s) to heal. Patients have reported a mild sense of stretching in their back or hips, and some have even fallen asleep.

At Dolan Wellness, we combine spinal decompression therapy with other therapies and home exercises in order to facilitate full recovery for our patients. Complexity of the problem determines the extent of therapy needed. While average treatment programs are three times a week for one month, we continually evaluate each patient’s response and decide if further treatment should be recommended. Most patients are released after eight weeks of spinal decompression therapy.


Most people experience significant pain relief in as few as six sessions. Spinal decompression therapy has an amazing success rate for patients who have had surgery, tried all other forms of conventional therapy, and are still in a great deal of pain. More than 75 percent of patients report successful results from the therapy. Even patients who do not get total relief get some relief. Even a small improvement in back pain can be monumentally critical in improving overall health and well being.