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Health is a complex combination of factors. Dr. Timothy Dolan has many tools to help his clients. One tool he uses is QNRT. QNRT stands for Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy.  Often unresolved emotions lead to challenges with your health, your relationships and life in general. Stacey Dolan is a certified QNRT practitioner. She uses QNRT to help you understand the unresolved emotional trauma and life patterns leading to imbalances in our lives.


Emotional shocks and traumas that you experience create challenging dynamics in your nervous system. These events or life patterns simultaneously imprint on your brain, tissues, and psyche. The information is often buried in your subconscious mind and leads to dysfunction in the way you perceive and navigate your life. It also changes the way your body functions, leading to imbalances and disease. QNRT works to resolve emotional shock, trauma events, and life patterns.  By letting go of limiting patterns and emotional wounds, relationships transform, hope is restored, and symptoms of illness can vanish.

Stacy Dolan Certified QNRT Practitioner

After a QNRT session, you’ll find you have a fresh perspective that opens the door to new choices. Stacey and Dr. Dolan often see improvement in individual’s overall well-being and health.

A QNRT session is held at Stacey’s office, Healing Works. The average time to conduct testing and discuss results is 50-60 minutes. Call her office at 817-326-4040 for an appointment.

Additional information about QNRT can be found on her Healing Works website or discuss with Dr. Dolan.