My name is Arlis Holland. I was a person who couldn’t sleep, but maybe three hours a night, and was never hungry, so I would eat junk all day long. I was a person who could not sit or stand for very long, so I needed to keep moving.

After being hit by a car at age seven, I have had sever back pain and back related issues. Over the last fifty five years, chronic pain was my way of life, something I’ve learned to live with and tolerate, just so I could make it through each day. Sleeping also became a problem, because I could never get comfortable. Throughout these years, I have been to just about every type of doctor, neurologist, orthopedic, chiropractors, etc. After three back surgeries, still my pain continued. Finally, while dreading and preparing for the fourth back surgery, a friend suggested that I see Dr. Dolan.

My husband and I went to a 2 ‘clock appointment. I must admit, I didn’t have much hope. I have been through this before with no positive results. We sat with Dr. Dolan and went through my complete medical history. We spoke about my fears of seeing a chiropractor after having these surgeries. We spoke about where the pain was and what he proposed as treatment. Our meeting went on for three hours.

Now, let me say, Dr. Dolan did a slight manipulation on my back taking great care not to disturb the areas of the surgeries. He ran x-rays and various diagnostic tests, showed me movements he wanted me to work with over the next few weeks and told me to return in two days.

My husband drove me home. I was feeling really sleepy (which was a surprise, I am never sleepy). We had our dinner and sat to watch an evening movie. At 8:30pm, I told my husband I was going to bed. That was a shock and even worried my husband. He checked on me several times, until he realized I was actually sleeping well. The next morning, at 9:30am, I woke up pain free. I was sure I had died. I was afraid to even move, for fear something would hurt. Alas, nothing hurt. I moved slowly throughout the day for fear something would change. That evening, I was asleep by 9:30 and slept well through the night, again.

When we returned for our next appointment, I could not stop hugging Dr. Dolan. I don’t know exactly what he did, but whatever it was, it worked! He proceeded with another treatment and I went on with my day. For the next month, I would visit Dr. Dolan three days a week.

It is impossible for me to tell you exactly what Dr. Dolan did, but I can tell you that I am a new person. The most amazing statement I can make is that I am in NO PAIN.

Yes, I do on occasion, feel sore and tender, but the back pain is gone. When these days occur, Dr. Dolan does his magic and I feel like that new person again. He recommended yoga as a form of exercise and strengthening. To my amazement, I love it. Exercise in the past had always been essentially impossible. This form of exercise has helped build my core muscles and balance again.

I am enjoying being pain free and all my friends and family want to know what is different with me. I have no pain. I can eat and sleep. It is amazing how much the body can compensate and tolerate, but when those problems are gone, you realize how much pain you really had. Pain free is fabulous. My friends and family now know Dr. Dolan. Everybody I know, knows about Dr. Dolan.

My husband thanks Dr. Dolan for giving him his wife back and I thank him for giving be my life back. My kids and grandkids thank him because I can play with them now. I have now been a patient of Dr. Timothy Dolan for the past nine months. As you can see, I have and will highly recommend Dr. Dolan to everyone. I also want to thank his wonderful admin assistant, Amber. She has been so patient and supportive when I come in complaining or asking a million questions. She takes time to answer all of my questions and guide me in the right direction.

So, thank you do much Dr. Dolan and Amber. You have changed my life.

The Happiest Person,

Arlis Holland

I began seeing Dr. Dolan a few months ago. After years of back issues and development of a list of autoimmune issues, my life had come to a complete stop. Desperate to gain some balance and a renewed sense of wellness, I made an appointment with Dr. Dolan. From day one, he has listened, answered my questions, and encouraged me. Today, I have the balance, sense of wellness and feel better than I have in many years. It was what I had been searching for. Thank you Dr. Dolan, I owe you some hugs!

Rhonda L. Muckleroy

Dr. Dolan provides superior patient care with a holistic approach to wellness and pain relief. He has treated me for both neck and lower back issues. In both instances, he has been extremely thorough in his diagnostics and treatments. His treatments allowed me to continue my active lifestyle. He continuously monitors and adjusts his approach to ensure optimal results. Dr. Dolan and his staff truly care about their patients and he is concerned and interested in their well being.

Kimberly M. Maurer

I have been a patient of Dr. Dolan’s since 2011. I first arrived at his office in sever pain and barely able to walk from my car to his office. He was very helpful and I immediately had relief. Over the years, he has treated me, he has helped me tremendously. I may not be the best patient, but he is definitely the best doctor!

Sherrie Walt

I have been to other chiropractors before and always hurt worse than when I cam in the office. Dr. Dolan uses a drop table that is much gentler than a “pop and crack” technique. He is dedicated to making people well and truly cares about his patients. I have never felt better!

Debbie Prince

I have been seeing Dr. Dolan for the last five years on a “maintenance” plan. As I am very physically active, it is important I keep my body aligned. This summer, I took my 14 yr old son in since he was having some minor back pain. After having x-rays done, we realized how bad it actually was. With only four months of regular weekly treatment, we did new x-rays and I could not believe the huge change in his back. He is feeling great now and there are visibly noticeable result shown on the x-rays. My entire family will continue to see Dr. Dolan on a regular basis!

Krista Streeter

I started seeing Dr. Dolan for plantar fasicitis a few months ago. Before, I had severe pain in my feet, my heels particularly. The pain was so bad that ice, heat, or massage or even a tens unit wasn’t relieving my pain. After a few adjustments, a footmaxx scan for customized orthotics and a change in my shoe preference, my feet feel so much better. I can not thank Dr. Dolan enough for all he has done for me. And all the knowledge he has shared with me for a healthier lifestyle.

Amber Albertson

In April 2016, I consulted with Dr. Dolan to see if acupuncture would help ease hip and knee pain that occurred with shingles, He did not recommend it; however, because I also had plantar fascitis, Dr. Dolan suggested back and hip adjustments and then orthotics. By the end of July I was able to enjoy hiking in Alaska, and today I can do exercise videos pain-free. Thank you so much, Dr. Dolan.

Marilyn Hayworth